little slices of art. freshly made. direct from the studio. all prices in US dollars.


Featuring a unique selection of handcrafted items by Canadian Artist JoMo, peaceofpi studio shop offers small creations in stitch and paint - brooches, soft sculpture and mini paintings, including collectable ACEO / ATC.

Established in 2008, peaceofpi studio is a solo operation based on the shores of Burrard Inlet just outside of Vancouver, Canada.

Described as exciting and refreshing, peaceofpi studio artworks celebrate small moments of enchantment and joy. Each artwork springs from the mind of artist JoMo who works in paint, fabric and stitch. Artworks strive to be informal, authentic and peaceful.

A passion for stitching and hand embroidery translates to use of hand dyed and painted fabric to create unique pieces of fiber art and soft sculpture. Pieces have frayed edges and loose threads, bright colors and untamed texture that embraces the beauty of imperfection. Stitched pieces combine multiple techniques including hand embroidery, free machine stitching, crochet & needle felting.

Mini Paintings are created in multiple layers that celebrate imagination and observe the elegance of weathering, wear & age.

peaceofpi studio practice is to recycle, reduce waste and be kind to the environment, using only AP certified non-toxic materials.

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